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[Adapted from website:] Javan Online

[Date:] 19 Aban 1389 [10 November 2010]


Seyyed Kazem Mousavi:

The Baha’i organization, from the beginning to the present, has spent a lot of effort in designing and implementing accurate and regular educational programmes for children and adolescents, for the education of its future generations.  These programmes spread false Baha’i beliefs and rituals in a radical way. These programmes are designed and implemented with the aim of educating and internalizing the nonsense of the Baha’i belief in the subconscious of children, from the age of three, with the forced entry of children of Baha’i families into the kindergartens of this particular sect.

In the Baha’i organization, the education of children is very important, and in order for the individuals to become acquainted with the Baha’i teachings from an early age, to realize their differences from Muslims, and to accept these beliefs and rituals unequivocally, a series of special trainings with goals, timing, implementation, etc., is planned by the organization, which includes everything from kindergarten to meetings and home [study] circles. These curricula are arranged in the form of textbooks for educators and parents, so that all children and adolescents in the Baha’i community receive the same compulsory education.

A look at the educational programmes of Baha’i children in kindergarten clearly demonstrates the above statements, and the Baha’i investment in children as future teachers and activists. In one of the curricula of these kindergartens, which is known as “Golshan” (Flower Garden), the educational goals addressed to the parents are stated as follows:

“Golshan Towhid classes, with a focus on the virtues and perfections of the human world, try to balance the physical and human education of children with their spiritual education. Accordingly, in the curriculum of these classes, in each course, a moral virtue is considered as the axis and the rest of the concepts and activities of the class are related to that virtue as much as possible, so that it is easier for the child to learn, practice and apply the virtue by creating a connection and coherence between different concepts....

“We believe that the home environment [provides] a very valuable opportunity to remember, practice, repeat and establish virtues latent in the children, so in addition to some of the blessed works on literature, some anecdotes from the blessed life of Abdu’l-Baha and the Guardian, tips and suggestions for practicing what you have learned in class are presented to you dear ones. We are confident that with the cooperation and support of the dear parents, Golshan Towhid classes will reach their lofty goals faster.”

These projects, which are organized in different fields, from literature, ethics and religion to personal hygiene education, and for different ages, are implemented in parallel and in the same way, and thus children receive the same education. In these teachings, all educational goals are mixed with Baha’i teachings and an attempt is made to attract children to these teachings by using attractive and beautiful tools. For each issue, a special paragraph or a special story and narration is stipulated, which is provided to the trainers for educating, and at the same time, the method of training is explained to them detail by detail.

In the Baha’i organization, women are the kindergarten teachers. Basically, the duties and responsibilities are entrusted to girls at a young age, to coach and educate the children in kindergartens. In the meantime, those who perform their duties more effectively will be encouraged by the Assembly and will be commissioned to secretly propagate in the Muslim community and Muslim children, a phenomenon that we have witnessed recently and which has caused a lot of concern for officials and parents.

The planning and purposeful implementation of the Baha’i organization throughout the life of the Baha’is has created a great obstacle and a great barrier against them, an obstacle that only some people dare to break. Indeed, if Baha’ism is a true religion, why does it not allow research into it and [why does it] forbid any activity in this field and reject the transgressors?