[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]



The Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Department of Education of Fars Province

Department of Education, Area 2 Shiraz

Tohid Educational Complex

Number: 2638

Date: 11/5/1361 [02 August 1982]

In the Name of God



This is to certify that Mr. Jamal Sabet Sarvestani, Birth Certificate Number [redacted], issued in Shiraz, Born: in 1344 [1965], studied year three of science at Boys Secondary School and satisfactorily passed the year with an average of 15.80 (fifteen point eighty) in Khordad 1361 [May 1982].

This certificate has been issued at the request of the above-named for enrolment at other schools, and has no other use.

On behalf of Tohid Educational Complex Principal

Bijan Zaban Rad

[signature over official stamp]

[handwritten notes at the bottom of the page]


In the Name of God

It is hereby confirmed that enrolment of the student Jamal Sabet Sarvestani at other schools is permitted as this student is well mannered, has no association with any political parties and had been expelled from this school for his belief in this sect.

[signature over official stamp]