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Defence Statement of Mr. Jalal Mostaghim


[Arabic verse]

Respected Head of the Islamic Revolutionary Court [illegible] may God elevate [illegible]

With utmost respect, I convey to Your Honour the following. Regrettably, I, Jalal Mostaghim, have recently been the target of a series of unjust and completely baseless allegations because of my belief in the Baha’i Faith. With my submissions to Your Honour in the following lines and the explanations that I will give, it will also become obvious and proven to you that I am completely innocent, and that the allegations levelled against me are completely unfounded and erroneous.  These allegations are as follows:

1-Opposition to Islam: Not only have I never done or said anything contrary to the Islamic religion, based on my own religious beliefs, I am dedicated to the principles of Islam. This is because the Baha’is believe in the principle of the Oneness of God, and they consider the Almighty God All Powerful and the Creator of the earth and heaven, and believe that the Will of God reigns supreme in all matters. They consider Mohammad Mostafa (peace be upon Him) the Messenger of God, and Amir Al-Momenin Ali (peace be upon Him) as his rightful successor. In brief, I believe in and bear witness to the principles of the religion of Islam and the Twelver Imams, Ja‘fari school, and to the divinity of the Holy Quran. Honourable Head of the Court, I ask you whether a person with such beliefs can be called anti-Islam and be subjected, knowingly or unknowingly, to unjust slander, which is among the greatest sins. [Arabic Verse, partially illegible]. 

2-Opposition to the Islamic Republic: Considering that the Baha’i Faith is founded on the pillars of service to humanity, universal good-will, eradication of social ills, eliminating the extremes of wealth and poverty and establishment of a healthy economy, and given that the action plan of the Islamic Republic is unequivocally to uproot corruption, such as consumption of alcohol and use of illicit drugs; and, with respect to restoring morality and chastity, to eliminate prostitution; and that it does not allow inequitable distribution of wealth and extremes of poverty, it would be impossible to imagine that I, or any Baha’i individual, would oppose the Islamic Republic in pursuit of these shared goals of advancing society.

3-Political affairs and interference in such matters: Such an interference is, in fact, completely prohibited by the Baha’i Faith, inasmuch as the goal of the Baha’i Faith is the unity of humankind, and interference in partisan politics is by nature contrary to this goal.  Therefore, to this day, I have never been a member of any political party—not even the Rastakhiz Party, which, during the previous regime, was so powerful that everyone knew about it and people were forced to accept membership therein. Also, since I am not well-informed and am just a merchant who spent my time with matters related to my occupation, connecting me to matters of politics or propaganda is completely inappropriate.

Therefore, based on these explanations, and given that the allegations against me are completely false and devoid of any truth, and that I have suffered much financial loss and emotional burden in this entanglement, which cannot be readily remedied, I request Your Honour, as a fair-minded person, to issue an order for my exoneration.


Respectfully, Jalal Mostaghim