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4 Dhu l-Hijja 1344 [24 Khordad 1305] [15 June 1926]


Your Excellency the Prime Minister, may your glory continue

You are no doubt aware of the recent incident in Jahrom, which happened recently because of the ill policies of the Jahrom government and other authorities there. However, given that it became clear that the government and sakhloo [guard or police force] of Jahrom have given false reports to Shiraz, we considered it necessary in our deplorable condition to inform you, along with Mr. [illegible] merchants and other residents, about the issue.

The essence of the matter is that on 23 Ramadan, Sadegh Jahromi was sitting by the side of the alley. His father-in-law passed by and [he] did not greet him. [The father-in-law] then turned to the son-in-law and, while hurling insults, said to him, “You are my son-in-law. Why don’t you say hello to me?” [Sadegh Jahromi] answered, “I am a Muslim and you are a Baha’i. My religion does not allow me to do so.” A fight broke out between them. The father-in-law went to the government authorities and complained that his son-in-law had cursed him. They sent an agent to arrest him, and he fled with his wife and daughter. He [unclear which of the two] went to the streets and the bazaar and cried out. Immediately, an upheaval ensued. People gathered at the Jame‘a Mosque. The government and the sakhloo [police guard] came and said to the people, “Give us a list so that we can arrest the Baha’is and execute them.” A list of names was given to a few policemen and they went with an angry mob consisting of men and women to arrest the Baha’is. In addition, the government agents helped the mob to attack and beat the Baha’is, and eight people were killed.

After this incident, once the government authorities and the sakhloo [police gaurds] realized their mistake, they gave a false report to Shiraz in order to relieve themselves of responsibility. For example, they falsely accused Agha Sayyed Abdulrahim, who is a clergyman in Jahrom, of having instigated the incident, whereas he was not in Jahrom on the day of the incident and there was absolutely no instigation involved. It was just a result of the ill policies of the Jahrom government. Agha Sayyed Abdulrahim had gone to Shiraz for medical treatment for a few days, and he was immediately detained for investigation. The investigator of the court came to Jahrom for seventeen days to conduct an investigation. It became clear that Agha Sayyed Abdlrahim Mojtahedzadeh and the other groups, who were falsely accused, are innocent. The authorities, therefore, issued their exoneration and ordered their release. Nevertheless, they are still in jail. Detention of an esteemed religious scholar at the police station of Shiraz has had a negative effect, internally and externally, especially since he is innocent.

In addition, the deputy of Seifollah Khan Nezami has come to Jahrom, and with the help of the government director, they [now] attack the homes of the people and commit all kinds of atrocities, day and night. As a result, a large number of people have fled Jahrom and others have no security for their life or possessions. The businesses of these poor people have been paralyzed and suspended (illegible), and soon, under these conditions, everyone will perish. A severe censorship has also been set up. They have closed the door to complaints. The government authorities await an important mutiny and upheaval, because with such duplicitous agents, who do not care about the people’s condition at all, [the people] have to either surrender to death and thousands of insults to their honour, or to rise up. Gradually, the murmur about an uprising and revolution is being heard from the warmer climates. The roads and passages are dangerous, several caravans have been looted and a few murders have been committed.

We beseech you to set a path before us, the poor residents of Jahrom. If you do not, then please give an order for our execution so that we can rest in peace. 

The Cooperative of Jahrom.


[Stamp:] Receipt by the Office of the Prime Minister]

Dated: 25 Khordad 1305 [16 June 1926]

Number: 4559