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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Jahan-e Eslam

[Date:] Thursday, 21 Bahman 1372 - 28 Sha’ban 1414 - 10 February 1994

[Issue No.:] 789

[Page:] 2


A New Manifestation of American Cultural Invasion under the Pretext of Support for Baha’is

An Article Based on One Hundred Percent Western References and Sources

Still the sales of the book “Not Without My Daughter”, which was apparently written by an American woman—but the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency] has [secretly] planted thorn bushes in it to harm  the flowers of the Islamic Republic’s global ideals—and the welcoming of its cinematic and expensive film, based on the lies of this woman, Mrs. Betty Mahmoudi, are still [so] hot that in the Times Newspaper of Thursday, 3 Tir 1372 [24 June, 1993] we read about a Baha’i woman named Olya Rouizadeh [Rouhizadegan], similar to Mrs. Betty Mahmoudi, who is writing her “true biography”, and although its disgraceful writing has not yet been finished, a large American film company is preparing a screenplay and movie of this “100% true” biography of Olya Rouizadeh, which is unprecedented.

Everyone knows that all the movie directors in the West, or their producers, etc., will only start preparing the screenplay of novels and the like when they are confident that the novel—whether true or false—will have a good market, and naturally the movie will also fill their pockets with dollars. It will not be because this book, by an anonymous low-level woman named Olya Rouizadeh, which has not yet been published and has not been received by the general public, deserves to be selected from amongst thousands of other eligible storybooks for the making of a costly film. Such a selection and support is good proof of the collusion of Americans, the Baha’is, and the Israelis, which will be analysed below.

But before reviewing the book and its film, which is related to the “100% true” life story, and the persecution and indescribable innocence of the Baha’i Olya Rouizadeh and other Baha’is [in Iran],  I will first inform the readers in a few lines about the “true biography” of Mrs. Betty Mahmoudi, so that our readers can get acquainted with the new methods of the American cultural invasion and be convinced that the “true biography” of Olya Rouizadeh is the second link in a chain that is prepared and arranged against us Iranians in the form of a biographical novel.

If each and every one of our compatriots does not try to do his part and declare the truth and tear this fictional biography apart, God forbid, we may come to our senses when our hands and feet are bound in chains and we are immobilized and the United States can commit any misdeed it wants to. (I do not talk about the book of “Satanic Verses” because the authorities of the Islamic homeland, headed by the late imam, have said and done what was needed.)…