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21 Shahrivar 1391 [11 September 2012]


In the Name of God

The Honourable Judge of the City of Kiasar

I wish to respectfully inform that respected and responsible authority that:

We, the undersigned, farmers of the Village of Ivel―according to the previous year’s routine for planting and harvesting agriculture and picking walnuts from our garden, which was carried out with the knowledge and coordination of that esteemed official and the presence of the Telma Darreh police force―plan to enter the place to pick walnuts, since it is time to do so. Also, in the near future, we plan to undertake the planting of our arable land. 

Therefore, it is requested that you issue the necessary orders for assistance and cooperation to the Telma Darreh police force, so that we can safely and calmly collect our walnuts and plant the crops.

We are very grateful for the care and responsible attention of that esteemed official.


[Signatures of more than twenty people]