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In the Name of God

The Police Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Continuation of the Investigation and Official Report


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In the Name of God

Official Report dated 14 Mehr 1391 [5 October 2012]

I wish to respectfully report that at 8:00 a.m. on the above-mentioned date, according to the report received, a number of Baha’is in the Village of Ivel are cultivating their own land, and there is a possibility of conflict and tension with the local residents of the Village of Evil.  I, Third Lieutenant S. Seyyed Ali-Reza Sanaeifar, in the company of Officer Saber Mokhtari, went to the place with the organization’s Toyota car. We observed that the Baha’is had been plowing the land with two tractors. We notified them that, although in the past the esteemed judicial authority had ruled that there was no objection to [the Baha’is’] harvesting their agricultural land and picking up walnuts, the esteemed judicial authority must submit new ruling at the checkpoint, and until the new ruling by the respected judicial authority has been made, the Baha’is have no right to cultivate or plow their agricultural land. It must be submitted to the checkpoint by the order of the new judicial authority, and until the new ruling [has been made] by the respected judicial authority, the Baha’is have no right to cultivate or plow agricultural land. Otherwise, all conflicts and tensions will be the responsibility of the Baha’is themselves. The official report of this incident was signed by the attendees. %


1- Ali Ahmadi, 2- Amin Bemani, 3- Changiz Jazbani, 4- Hosein-Ali Ahmadi, 5- Faramarz Rowhani, 6- Nejatollah Laghaei

Third Lieutenant Sanaeifar [Signature]

Officer Mokhtari [Signature]