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In the Name of God

Number: -----

Date: 16 Esfand 1365 [7 March 1987]


Full Name: Isa Irandoust, son of the late Khalil

My dear and precious wife, Mrs. Ghamar Taj Sadeghol-Va’d,

With special greetings, I hope that, through the grace of the Almighty, you, our dear children, my beautiful grandchildren, and all the relatives are in good health, which is the greatest bounty of the exalted Lord.  May you all not forget me in your constant prayers.

Regarding future visits, I have written necessary explanations to the responsible parties. God willing, they will accept and give permission.  In any case, we are satisfied with the Lord’s pleasure. “Whatever happens is good.”

Give my greetings to all our relatives, friends and everyone in the neighbourhood.  I request prayers from all of you, and also —

With God we made a relationship,  

To God we surrendered our affairs. 


Sender’s Address: Evin [Prison], Martyr Kachouei Training Institute, hall 3, room 65

Isa Irandoust



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[Handwritten Note on the side of the page] This is one of my father’s letters, sent from the Gohardasht Prison.