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[Official stamp]

“…so judge between people with truth.[1]

Number: 6/M/2049

Date: 20 Tir 1361 [11 July 1982]

Page: Number 2812 – DKAM



Central Islamic Republic Court

In the Name of God

The Central Islamic Republic Court held a meeting on 11 Bahman 1360 [31 January 1982] to handle case 60/M/2049.

Profile of the accused: Enayat Khoda Sefidvash, son of Siavash, from [redacted] resident of [redacted] married and with children – retired employee of the Oil Company – ideology: Baha’i.

The accused acknowledged in court that he was a Baha’i and had been born into a Baha’i family, and that he had been very active in the path of the vain Baha’i ideology, among which activities there has been numerous financial aid paid by the accused, which is reflected in the file. As the organization of Baha’ism is related to international Zionism, and as the aid extended by him is viewed as service to Zionism, [it is] consequently considered as opposition to the regime of the Islamic Republic—an act that in itself is contrary to the Baha’i ideology, according to which one must collaborate with the government as needed.

Furthermore, he has sent money abroad, which he claimed to have done in order to provide for the education of his children. He has also attended to the cases of those who have fled the country and who are living abroad, and he has been managing their possessions, which, in itself, is also considered as opposition to the Islamic Republic.

Therefore, due to his earnest services to the anti-revolutionary front as well as to the international Zionist movement, and as a result of his opposition to the Islamic Republic, the four-storey apartment building, situated on Gandhi Avenue, belonging to him, his wife and their children, is being acquired as a fine, and the honourable prosecutor is requested to confiscate it and act according to the regulations. The ten-storey apartment block situated in Amir Abad Avenue, the shop and its upstairs-room situated in Valiasr intersection still belongs to the accused. His car should be returned to him and he may be released.

Sharia Judge

[Signature over official stamp] Branch 3 of the Court of the Central Islamic Republic


[Handwritten note at bottom of the page]

In the Name of God

The above-mentioned building to be given to the Martyrs Foundation [Bonyad-e Shahid]

[Signature] 27 Tir 1361 [18 July 1982]


To ask the Sharia judge of the Third Court who is the beneficiary of the mentioned confiscated building.

[Signature] 17 Esfand 1360 [8 March 1982]


And the accused to be released on personal surety.

[Signature] [official stamp]


The photocopy is same as the original




[1] [Quran 38:26] https://quran.com/38