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[The excerpt translation below is of the section of the article that relates to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper] Islamic Republic

Page 10

Monday 3/6/1359 [25 August 1980]

14 Shavval 1400 – No 356 (second year)


From The Revolutionary Guards of Isfahan

The Role of the Iranian Diocese in the Recent Coup D'état attempt has been exposed

A majority of foreign [agents] and internal [Iranian] members of this mysterious network (the Iranian Diocese) have been arrested and are in custody


  • In one of the hundreds of documents uncovered, it is stated that a sum of US $500 million, 300kg of TNT[1]and a quantity of explosive fuses  has been received from a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) source for distribution among the various opposing groups.

The Iranian Diocese had the task of distributing tens of millions of US dollars among some military personnel, Baha'i leaders and other anti-revolutionary persons. This entity also had the mission of distributing 300kg of TNT explosives among various opposing groups in Iran…

Amongst the hundreds of documents uncovered from the Iranian Diocese in relation to the recent coup d'état attempt in Iran, in one it has been stated, from a source at Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), that a sum of US $500 million has been provided to the Iranian Diocese, to be distributed amongst the military personnel, the leaders of the Baha’is and other anti-revolutionary [groups]. [This letter] also spoke about the delivery of 300kg of TNT and a quantity of explosive fuses for distribution among various groups.…


[1] [Trinitrotoluene, dynamite]