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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Islamic Development Organization

[Date:] 8 Bahman 1394 [28 January 2016]


Holding a Training Workshop on Sects and Religions With the Participation of 180 Educational Instructors in the Northwest of Tehran

With the help of Islamic Development in the northwest of Tehran, a training workshop on sects and religions was held with the participation of 180 educators and missionaries [both male and female].

According to the Office of Public Relations of the General Directorate of Islamic Development in Tehran Province, Habib Jamshidi, the executive director of specialized Islamic development training courses in northwestern Tehran, said, “The workshop on sects and religions was held with the presence of 180 educators and missionaries [both male and female].”

He added, “Hojjatol-Islam Dr. Sadeghian, the professor of this workshop, explained about the familiarity with the generalities of deviant sects such as the intellectual and doctrinal foundations of Satanism and familiarity with Wahhabism and Baha’ism.”

This expert on the sects of religions pointed out, “The enemies of Islam will not spare any effort to promote false religions among the youth and teenagers by any means, by overshadowing the original Islamic principles and beliefs.”

It is worth mentioning that this workshop was held on 6 Bahman of the current year [26 January 2016] in the amphitheatre of the Shobairi Cultural Centre.