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[Adapted from website:] Islamic Development Organization

[Date:] 12 Azar 1389 [3 December 2010]


A Training Workshop Was Held for Teachers of Education in Special Areas of South Khorasan

A training workshop was held for teachers of Islamic education and educators in special areas of South Khorasan at the Islamic Development Organization of the province.

According to the public relations office of the Islamic Development Organization of South Khorasan, the person in charge of sects and religions of the Islamic Development Organization of the province stated the following, “This training course was held simultaneously with the holy decade of velayat [guardianship] and insight, with the aim of promoting the scientific insight of teachers and educators in responding to religious doubts and instincts about the issue of velayat, successorship and the Wahhabi heresy.

Ahmad Fanoudi, stating that in this one-day training course, 100 teachers and educators of the province were present, pointed out, “The course was taught by Professor Hojatoleslam Hasan Zia Tawhidi, one of the prominent scholars of the seminary of Qom.”

He said, “In this training course, each of the participants was given a cultural package including [topics such as], Successorship Books, Manifestation of the Guardianship, Knowledge of Successorship and Response to Doubts, along with Mawla software and a CD related to answering suspicions of Wahhabism.”

This expert of the Islamic Development Organization also announced the holding of a criticism of Baha’ism course in the cities of Birjand and Boshruyeh and a Baha’ism critique discourse workshop at Birjand University this week, adding, “This training course will be held in the presence of teachers, clerics and influential cultural figures of the area.”

This workshop was held on Wednesday, 3 Azar 1389 [24 November 2010].