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[Adopted from website:] Islamic Development Organization

[Date:] 14 Bahman 1388 [3 February 2010]


Ayatollah Mohammad Jafar Khoshnevis: Baha’ism is helping the United States to achieve its sinister goals in Iran

Ayatollah Mohammad Jafar Khoshnevis, in a specialized meeting about identifying the deviant movements, said, “There is a documented reason that the Baha’i sect helps the United States to achieve its sinister and evil goals in Iran.”

According to the public relations office of the Islamic Development Organization of Zanjan,  on Monday, 12 Bahman [31 January], in a specialized meeting on identifying the deviant movements, which was held in the presence of a number of Zanjan clergy at the headquarters of the Islamic Development Organization of Zanjan, Ayatollah Mohammad Jafar Khoshnevis added that Baha’is are among the sects and agents contributing to American policies.

He said that the Baha’i sect cooperates closely with Israel and the [United States of] America and in fact, they assist each other. He said, “When a Baha’i is arrested in Iran, the United States shouts in protest, and this is a sign of the support of the White House leaders for the Baha’is.”

He said, “Recently, the Baha’is have used new tactics to trap Iranians, especially in the Arab world,” and added, “Their mission is to trap and hunt the people of Iran by various tricks, especially the society’s adolescents and youth.”

Ayatollah Khoshnevis, emphasizing that the clergy should find a way to counter these tricks, said, “Considering that Iranians travel to Arab countries for pilgrimage and tourism, the Baha’i sect tries to trap them by establishing shops in these countries.”

He stated that the nation and the Islamic Revolution of Iran have always been and will be threatened by various sects, especially Baha’ism, and said, “The scope of discussion about Baha’ism is very vast and requires more time.”

Ayatollah Khoshnevis added that sedition deviates people from the religion: “The Baha’is try to drive people out of the religion, and their activity and sedition have increased in the present time.”

He reminded [his listeners] that, “After the victory of the revolution, the leaders of the Baha’i sect fled from Iran, but unfortunately some of them have recently returned and are investing to achieve their hostile goals.”