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[Adopted from werbsite:] ISCA News

[Date:] 9 Aban 1396 [31 October 2017]


Britain Reaffirms Support for the Perverse Baha’i Sect

A senior officer from the British Foreign Ministry, supporting the perverse Baha’i sect, claimed in a speech in parliament that there are religious persecutions in Iran and some other countries.

According to ISCA News, a senior British Foreign Office official defended the perverse Baha’i sect “under the programme of supporting freedom and religion” in a speech to the British Parliament.

According to the website of the British government, Mark Field, the head of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the British Foreign Office, which is responsible for protecting and promoting Britain’s goals in the world, spoke in parliament about the government’s commitment to promoting religious freedom and belief.

In another part of his speech, while addressing the issue of Rohingya refugees, he said, “I would like to speak on this occasion by reiterating the government’s commitment to supporting religious freedom and reflecting the situation of a number of countries in this regard, and expressing special concerns.”

 “We declare our support for the rights of all religious groups, including the Baha’is, in Iran,” Mark Field said; “Religious persecution has increased in other Muslim countries, such as Pakistan, Sudan and Iran.”

The prime minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, in a congratulatory message to the followers of the perverse Baha’i sect a few days ago, said, “The teachings of Baha’u’llah are beneficial. His life and His teachings inspire the people of the world and we can benefit from His generosity and mercy!”

Theresa May added, “The Baha’is are an important part of British society”