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[Adapted from website:] IRIB news agency

[Date:] 13 Mordad 1397 [4 August 2018]


The Modern Term, Human Rights, is a Big Lie

Member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution: We have nothing called modern human rights, and it is a great lie that they have imposed on human beings, and in this model, they are looking for new tools to deny human rights.

According to the correspondent of the IRIB news agency, Hasan Rahimpour Azghadi, at the Third International Conference on Islamic Human Rights, which the Institute for the Protection of Women’s Rights had organized in the building of the Human Rights Headquarters of the Judiciary, added, “Activism for human rights, in the culture of the Quran and tradition, is a holy jihad, and the enemies of human rights are confronting the right of God and the right of the people.”

Hasan Rahimpour Azghadi added, “Westerners have summed up human rights in Iran in defence of the rights of homosexuals and the Baha’is, while we have nothing to do with the Baha’is and only do not allow them to propagate.”

He said, “We do not consider the Baha’is as a religion or a faith. First, they called themselves Shi’ites and destroyed the Shi’ites [ideology] and they were the main pillar of betrayal of the people in the Constitution.”

Rahimpour Azghadi added, “The Baha’is played a key role in bringing the Pahlavi regime to power; the main pillars of the Pahlavi regime were the Baha’is, who are now linked to the Intelligence services of the United States, Britain and Israel.”

He said, “They also conspired against the religion and the people of Iran; but still, if a Baha’i does not do propaganda work in Iran, no one has anything to do with him, [although] Iran’s enemies have been heavily manoeuvring the Baha’is for the past 40 years.”