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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Saturday, 2 Mordad 1361 [24 July 1982]

[Issue No.:] 16776

[Page:] 13


…The Question of Baha’ism

According to a report, the head of the Iranian delegation added:

“The question which is at the forefront of the list of accusations made by some of these gentlemen (at the meeting), which has been repeated by five members of the committee and has indeed wasted our time, is Baha’ism.  From our nation’s point of view, the question of Baha’ism is diametrically different (from what is being presented here).

Apparently, the Baha’is claim that 60 to 70 of them have been executed. They also claim that there are about 60- 70, 000 Baha’is in Iran. If this is the case, we should ask ourselves why the rest of them are not being executed and whether the 60 to 70 were executed because of their beliefs.  Can we say that those 60 to 70 people were the only Baha’is in Iran? Of course not. The Baha’is claim they do not interfere in politics; whereas, during the dark period of the Pahlavi regime, they, in collaboration with international Zionism, had the closest contact with that government.  They did not spare a minute in consolidating the tyranny, stagnation, and suppression of the freedom ­seekers of the people of Iran.

The documents which were found in the secret records of SAVAK and the court of the Shah all prove the reality that Baha’i leaders played a major role during the Shah’s regime.  Criminals such as General Ayadi, General Khademi, Abbas Hoveida, Mansour Rowhani, Mrs. Farrokhroo Parsa, Parviz Sabeti, and tens of others, have all been central figures behind this regime, and, at the same time, have been leaders of the Baha’is. This affiliation and collaboration between the two went so far that the Baha’is have even, according to documents from their Assemblies, called the Shah “the great saviour of Iran”.  Another document from SAVAK reveals that the Baha’is had been receiving reports relating to the Iranian army, such as methods of importing arms to Iran, details of the training of the Shah’s paratroopers, etc., and these reports, according to SAVAK document number 10, were sent to Israel.  Thus, Israel was exploiting Baha’is to obtain secret information and political and economic gains.

According to SAVAK document number 11, the Baha’is have collected and sent to Haifa 120,000,000 Tumans for the suppression of Arab Muslims.  SAVAK reported that this sum was placed at the disposal of the Israeli army. This was the reason that Nasser from Egypt called the Baha’is “spies for Israel”. The government of Israel rewarded Hoveida with a large plot of land in that country for his support in an oil deal which benefitted Israel.  A report of this transaction is presently in Hoveida’s file. Baha’is who have been spies for Israel, or who participated in the massacre of our people during the Shah’s regime under the leadership of individuals such as Hoveida, were, naturally, like other criminals who were outwardly Muslims, punished by death.  Therefore, the question at hand has nothing to do with the beliefs of such criminals.

The head of the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran continued his speech by stating, “We have said from the first day in this commission that whatever human law is contrary to the laws of God is not acceptable to us.”