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Translation of the Memorandum of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq

Number: 9053/100/778/1108/GH

Date: 1 December 1943


The Foreign Ministry conveys cordial greetings [ta’arofat] to the Embassy of the Imperial Majesty of Iran in Baghdad. In response to memorandum no. 2452, dated 3 October 1943 of the Embassy, [we] respectfully inform [you] that after investigating the cases of those mentioned on the Embassy’s memorandum, it became evident to the affiliated Iraqi departments that these individuals had entered Iraq with intentions other than the pilgrimage that they had mentioned at the time of applying for visas, and when [they were] obtaining visas the Iraqi institutions were misled, as, in the same way, they stayed in Iraq, longer than the designated time for the pilgrimage. On various occasions, they started establishing business and commercial relations in various parts of Iraq. The Iraqi authorities, considering the existing friendly and favourable relationship between the two countries, have treated them well. But it has become evident that their intention in entering Iraq was for reasons other than the pilgrimage that they had initially mentioned. Moreover, the reports from the responsible authorities indicate that they are engaged in activities that are contradictory to the conditions of their stay in the country and are harmful to the public interest. Therefore, the relevant authorities had no other choice but to enforce their legal authorities and once their residence permit expired, to ask them to leave Iraq and clear up their business affairs or appoint a lawyer to clear them up for them.


We [take advantage of] this time….