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Ministry of Health



Date: 02/05/1343 [24 July 1964]

Number - 25661

Enclosure: Employment File


Legal Affairs Office of the Ministry of Health

With reference to letter number 21/732 - [illegible] [dated] 12/05/1343 [3 August 1964] from this Head Office concerning the employment of Mrs. Irandokht Eshrati, the following is specified.

Although it was noted  in the above-mentioned letter that Mrs. Irandokht Eshrati  identified her religion in the employment application as non-Muslim, and it is not clear as to what religion she follows, an opinion cannot be explicitly issued on the request until [she declares] her true religion.

In view of the note from the Personnel Office written next to the draft notification number 1/14509/16084-[dated:] 29/2/1343 [19 May 1964], from the Ministry of Health, if she is [a follower] of the Baha'i religion, as stated in said communication, in accord with Section 4 of Article 2 of the State Employment Act, her employment is in violation of the said Act as specified in circular number 7682, [dated] 24/4/1334 [16 July 1955], of the Office of the Prime Minister.

Further to the foregoing, Mrs. Irandokht Esharti’s employment file, together with the above-mentioned letter, is returned [herewith] in its original form.

State Retirement Head Office, Deputy Mohammed Modaresi [signature]

[Official stamp]

[Stamp:] Certified Copy