Iran Rahimpour (Khormaie)

Born: July 1938, Tehran

Executed by firing squad in Dezful on 12 May 1982


Iran Rahimpour (Khormaie) was born into Muslim family.  She completed grade 9 and was then employed by the Telegraph and Telephone company in Tehran.  Iran declared her belief in Baha’u’llah in 1976.  She then pioneered to Andimeshk, Khuzestan in 1977.  Two years later she married a man who had embraced the Faith through her.

In December 1980, she was arrested together with her husband.  She was a few months pregnant at the time of her arrest and imprisonment.  Some four months later, in April 1981 her sisters were able to make contact with her and discovered that she had given birth at a hospital in Dezful and had been returned to prison with her new born son.  On 12 May 1982 she was executed by firing squad.  Her body was not returned to her family; it is believed she was buried by the authorities.  Her young child was kept under the care of one of the guards at the Dezful nursery and then given to a woman who had lost her own son in the war.  Attempts were made by her sisters to obtain custody of the child; however, they were unsuccessful and were not even permitted to see the child.


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