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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] International Quran News Agency (IQNA)

[Date:] 26 Mordad 1394 [17 August 2015]


A Cleric Based in the Village of Emam Qeys Announced:

Holding a Workshop on Combating Suspicions of Wahhabism and Baha’ism

Naba Reporters Association – The Rural Quran House of His Holiness Qamar Bani Hashem, in cooperation with the Cultural and Artistic Centre of Abu al-Fadhl Abbas Mosque, in the Village of Emam Qeys, is holding a fight against suspicion training course at the same time as the “Decade of Dignity”.

…Hojatoleslam Mohsen Ranjbar, the cleric of the migration plan, based in the Village of Emam Qeys, in announcing this news, said, “Simultaneously, the ‘Decade of Dignity, year 1394 [2015]’, and with the participation of the Quranic House of His Holiness Qamar Bani Hashem and the Cultural and Artistic Centre of Abu al-Fadhl-Abbas Mosque, it will hold a one-week workshop on combating suspicions of Wahhabism and Baha’ism.”

Ranjbar added, “This training course will be held for a week, from Saturday, 24, to [Friday], 30 Mordad [15 to 21 August]. At the end, a test will be conducted on the issues raised and a plaque of appreciation and valuable prizes will be presented to those who get the top rank.”

He noted, “The participants in this workshop are young high school and college sister students aged 15 to 30 years.”

Mohammad-Amin Aghaie