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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] International Quran News Agency (IQNA)

[Date:] 28 Mordad 1398 [19 August 2019]


At Dar al-Erfan Base:

More Than One Hundred Scientific Articles on the Subject of the Babi and Baha’i Sects Were Presented.

The Seminary Groups – The information-sharing centre of Dar al-Erfan, guided by the scientific supervision of Professor Ansarian, for the sake of enlightenment and elucidation of the false and deceitful sects, such as the perverse Baha’i sect, has published more than 100 interesting scientific research articles about this false sect.

Hojjatol-Islam Seyyed Ali Ghazanfari, a member of the investigation council of the Dar al-Erfan Scientific and Cultural Institute, in an interview with IQNA, said, “This news agency, considering its mission, is currently available to interested individuals in various languages at this address: www.erfan.ir, and has presented more than 100 articles about the perverse Babi and Baha’i sects.

Hojjatol-Islam Ghazanfari, pointing out the published articles, added that amongst [them] one can find the following: “The History of the Genesis and Creation of Babism”, “The Roots of the Babi and Baha’i Thoughts in the Deviant Hurufiyyah and Nuqtawiyyah Movements”, “Modeling After Hurufiyyah”, “Teachings of Ali-Mohammad the Bab in the Book of Bayan”, “Modelling After the Claimants of Mahdaviyyat”, “Yahya Nouri – Sobhe Azal”, “Tahereh, Qurrat’ul-Ayn”, “Marriage in Baha’ism”, “Ceasefire with Satan”, “The First Step in Khatamiyyat [the Seal of Prophethood]”, “Monotheism in Baha’ism”, “New Teachings For a New Century, 1 & 2”, “Baha’i Ideology”, “The United States of America: Supporter of Babism and Baha’ism”, “Who is the Bab?”, “From Zekriyat to Babism”, “Being Ommi [illiterate]”, “The Station of Women in Baha’ism”.

The clergyman from the Seminary of Qom added, “The Causes of the Support of the Zionist Regime of Shoghi Effendi”, “The Reasons for Accepting the Prophethood in Baha’ism: From Claim to Reality”, “Invitation to the Investigation of Truth: From Claim to Reality”, “Promotion of Usury in the Teachings of Baha’ism (Criticism and Investigation)”, “The Prophet Denying His Own Prophethood”, “The Vanguard of Baha’ism in the Emancipation of Iranian Women”, “ The Baha’i Encounter with Those Who Investigate the Truth”, “The Excuse of Special Months in Baha’ism (Shahrol-Ala Baha’i)”, “Baha’u’llah and Approval of Language for Mirza Yahya Nouri”, “Some of the Strangest [of the Strange] Baha’i Teachings”, “Deviations in Mahdaviayyat”, “Ahmad al-Hasan: From Claiming Babism to Supporting the Opposition”, “Baha’ism, Past and Present Beliefs and Its Serious Criticism 1 and 2”, “Criticism and Review of the Baha’i Teachings”; are some of the other interesting reading materials of this section.

He explained that the addressees (audience) of Dar al-Erfan Base, can, by referring to this section [of the site], study [articles] with titles such as: “Beliefs and Ideologies of the Baha’is”, “The Fundamentals of Baha’ism”, “The Reasons for Rejection of Baha’ism”, “Babism and Baha’ism”, “The Wrong Predictions of ‘Abdu’l-Baha”, “Seyyed Kazem Rashti”, “The Mysterious Relationship of Shoghi Effendi with Occupying Zionism”, “Marrying Close Relatives in Baha’ism”, “About the First Prophet Who Owns a repentance letter”, “Baha’ism: Usury or Eliminating the Extremes of Poverty and Riches”, “Sheikh Ansari and Blasphemy Verdict about Husayn-Ali Nuri”.

This researcher and investigator of Qom Seminary stated that those who are interested in using and studying this precious collection can refer to this link.