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Date: 28 Aban 1322 [20 November 1943]

Number: 9731


The Provincial Governorate of the Tenth Province

According to the report received from Shahreza Gendarmerie, a group of around fifty Baha’i and Jewish men, women and children have moved to Shahreza. They are mostly businessmen from Kashan, Tehran and surroundings. Apparently, they received orders from the [Spiritual] Assembly, anticipating that, in the future, Tehran would be in danger, and that they should scatter around, and at least nine people settle in each place. Some of them have stated that, since they were struggling in the capital for lack of food stock, they needed to move to cities with ample food supplies. There are tailors, barbers and tradesmen amongst them who are engaged in working and buying properties, and building residential houses for themselves. Since their aims are unknown, it is requested that you investigate their activities in other district centres.

Head of the Regional Gendarmerie of Isfahan Municipality number 8, Colonel Shams Malekara


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25 Aban 1322 [17 November 1943]


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