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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Health and Medical Education


Number: D /107/ 2498

Date: 28 Aban 1391 [18 November 2012]

Attachments: Yes

Urgent – Important


Dear Dr. [illegible], Sir:

The Honourable Head of Alborz University- Faculty of the Medical Sciences and Health Services

With Greetings,

We respectfully send your office a scan of letter  number 903983, dated 7 Aban 1391 [28 October 2012], of Branch 3 of the Court of Administrative Justice, and the request of Mr. Payam Vali to reinstate his licence and unseal his optometry business, accompanied by their respective attachments. 

Please instruct the responsible persons to address this matter, and send your response along with the required documents. Also arrange for a [trusted] representative to attend the hearing.

In case your response is not received within the stipulated period, and the court ruling is against [illegible], it is evident that your faculty will be responsible for failing to act, and the Legal Office will not be liable.


Office of Legal Affairs


Javad [illegible]


[Stamped:] Received through [illegible] Chargoon central secretariat


[Handwritten notes:]

  1. Recorded.
  2. Honourable Head of University


cc: Office of legal affairs – [illegible] – (Rahmanzadeh)



University of Medical Sciences and Health Services of Alborz Province,

Central Secretariat

28 Aban 1391 [18 November 2012]

Number: 2134347