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Ministry of the Interior

Office: Police

Area: ------


Dated: 26 Mehr 1316 [18 October 1937]

Number: 43081 - 10016 

Attachment: ------


The Prime Minister

Pursuant to the order number 9929 – 13 Mehr 1316 [5 October 1937] regarding the complaint by several individuals in Tabriz that the actions of Mohseni have resulted in their exile, according to the investigations carried out by the commission, the plaintiffs are farmers from the Village of Seisan who last year started opposing Asghar Mohseni, the owner of the village, and inciting other peasants to disobey [him]. Subsequently, according to the investigations that were carried out upon the formation of the commission regarding the uneasy individuals, it became necessary to keep them away from the Village of Seisan. Based on the province’s request, an order was issued to carry out this commission’s opinion.

And since we recently heard that the basis for their transfer has been the issue of their being Baha’is, an order was, once again, sent to the province to personally investigate their claims.  We will inform you, once we get the results.


Minister of the Interior [Signature]


[Handwritten note: 1] Enclose the background – 26 Mehr 1316 [18 October 1937] 

[Stamp:] Entrance to Office of the Prime Minister – Date 27 Mehr 1316 [19 October 1937]

[Handwritten note: 2] Opinion of the chief should be sought.

28 Mehr 1316 [20 October 1937]