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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:]  Sobh-e Azadegan

[Date:]  Monday, 26 Bahman 1360 – 20 Rabi’ath-Thani 1402 - 15 February 1982

[Issue No.:] 591


A Glance At the Hojjatieh Society

Interview with Architect Tayyeb, Former Member of the Association and Current Member of Ebad Saleh

Second Part:

…Bahaism as a sect is considered a dangerous threat, but American imperialism and its dominance over Iran was never brought up in the Society’s studies

…Bahaism as a religion, and a sect which is trying to create a deviation in the beliefs of the Muslims, will become a major threat, but American imperialism and its dominance over Iran is not a problem at all.  From our perspective, Bahaism is a political organization before being a religious one; in other words, it is a belief system created by Zionism and imperialism, and naturally you have to fight politically with a political organization.  The real Bahaism [is that of] which Dr. Ayadi, Sabeti and Hojabr Yazdani were symbols. They were the symbols of objective Bahaism in our society. But the Society [Hojjatieh] was not fighting with the Bahaism that was creating the same political danger of Zionist exploitation. They used to fight the promoters of Bahaism and wanted to reject their rationales. They cared about the political dimension of Bahaism. The Baha’i ideology was important; that is to say, not only did they not care about campaigning against imperialism, Zionism or the Shah’s regime, they were only concerned about its ideological dimension, while Bahaism is a political belief of colonialism. Regarding the Imam of the Age, as we said in practice, instead of participating in the social struggle to uproot the governments that were reigning unlawfully, and instead of clergy and clergy who judges with fairness, occupying the ruling seats, [in order] that a political social system may be established, they only sufficed with crying, remorse and praying and things of that sort, and love for the Promised Imam…