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Ministry of the Interior

Office of the Governor General of the Third Province


Date: [4] Esfand 1322 [24 February 1944],

Number: 4088




Ministry of the Interior


According to the report received today at 5pm, the Fourth of Esfand 1322 [24 February 1944], from the Acting Commander of the Police Force in Tabriz, today in Azarshahr, a group of local residents attacked, looted, and set fire to the houses of several Baha’is. Intervention by the local police prevented the spread of these activities and they arrested approximately eighteen individuals from among the looters and rioters.


Initially, to resolve the issue, two gendarmes had been dispatched by the gendarmerie to strengthen the local police force, but it is feared that the troublemakers are likely to attack the police station in order to free their accomplices who are being detained there. Because the security forces are extremely limited there, and only two gendarmes and a few police officers are present in that city and their number is of course insufficient to prevent future disturbances, the 2nd Gendarmerie [Regiment] of Azerbaijan Province was instructed to immediately dispatch a number of Gendarmes to strengthen the police department of Azarshahr. The results will be conveyed to you later.


Deputy Governor General of the Third Province, Mobasser Roushani,

[Signed: Mobasser Roushani]



[Stamped: entered into the Confidential File of the Ministry of Interior, Number: 2521, Date: 14 Esfand 1322 [5 march 1944]

[Stamped: Ministry of the Interior, Political Division, Number: 7980, Date: 14 Khordad [1323] [4 June 1944]

[Handwritten:] Political [division]