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Office of the Prime Minster


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Date of transcription: 29/12/1321 [29 March 1943]

Date of record: 10/1/1322 [31 March 1943]




Ministry of War,


A report from the Zabol police indicates that a group of 60 to 70 Baha’is get together and have [Baha’i] meetings at the house of the Army Officer Manavi three times a week, in the evening. Recently Mohammad-Yousef Hoseini Nakhaie, who is a propagator of [their Faith], has come to Zabol and is propagating [the Faith] in all the meetings. Some other Army Officers also do participate in their meetings. According to the investigation carried out by the Governorate of Zabol, the purpose of the meetings is propagation [of Baha’ism]. [Illegible] issue an order to the officers of that Ministry to refrain from participating in such meetings.


Prime Minister,