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Ministry of the Interior

The Immigration and Passport Police Head Office

Number: 47627 S/5918

Date: 25 Aban 1323 [14 November 1944]



Office of the Prime Minister,

In reference to letter number: 1307 – 4 Mehr 1323 [26 September 1944] regarding the prosecution of the instigators of the incident in Shahroud, [this is to] inform you that, according to reports received, Asadollah Naderi, director of the Tobacco Company of Shahroud, along with a number of government employees in the area, had formed meetings for teaching the Baha’i [Faith]. As a result of arousing the emotions of the local residents, and despite the notice [given to him by] the Governorate to temporarily leave the city and refrain from Baha’i propagation, he continued his activities. Therefore, the turbulence and chaos started, which resulted in this killing incident. 

On behalf of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of the Interior and the Police Force Headquarters, inspectors have been dispatched to Shahroud in order to investigate the incident and prosecute the culprits. The culprits and instigators have been prosecuted by the local Justice Department. As for the return of the looted items and personal belongings [of those that have been attacked and looted], because everybody had to escape and currently no one is in the area, two people were designated to travel to Shahroud so that, should any looted item be discovered now or in the future, through the credible authorities, [it could] be handed over to them.


Minister of Interior, [Signature, on behalf]