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Ministry of the Interior

Law Enforcement Division

[Date:] 1 Esfand 1328 [20 February 1950]

[Number:] M/11995/N17164


Absolutely Confidential and Eyes only


Honourable Prime Minister,


According to the telegraphic report of the Governorate of Kashan, on 14 Bahman 1328 [3 February 1950], Dr. Soleiman Berjis was murdered in the Kalehar neighbourhood of Kashan. Eight individuals from the same vicinity immediately presented themselves to the police as his murderers; these individuals were interrogated and imprisoned. The Ministry of Justice is following up with the matter. As per the Governorate report, the said physician was a Baha’i and [apparently] there have been demonstrations in support of the perpetrators. An order was issued to the National Gendarmerie to send some troops to support the local police force in order to keep the peace in that locality.


Following this incident, the [Local Spiritual] Assembly of the Baha’is of Kashan wrote an official descriptive petition to the Governorate to follow up with the [prosecution of the] perpetrators and request the safety and security of the Baha’is.  According to some existing information in the Ministry of the Interior, the Baha’i Assembly has been carrying on some official correspondence with certain ministries and government offices for some time, which contained registered numbers, and clearly mentioned the Baha’i Assembly. This [informal] recognition [of the Baha’i Assembly] has provoked the sense of fanaticism of the Muslims, and according to recent reports, such actions [writing letters] are on the rise in most cities; this will possibly bring total uprising and disorder to every corner. Because the Baha’is have never been able to make themselves known, such a bold action on their part is against the national [interest] policy; therefore it is imperative to have all their Assemblies totally disbanded and annihilated. Please advise as to your opinion, so that further action can be carried out.


Minister of the Interior [signature]


[Handwritten Note 1:] Number 2060/4- 3/12/1328 [22 February 1950]

[Handwritten Note 2:] Convey it [to Prime Minster]

[Handwritten Note 3:] Send a copy to Ministry of Justice and ask them to order that after completion of investigation, they should send the perpetrators of Kashan and Abarghou to Tehran for legal proceedings.  Write to Ministry of the Interior to order the governors and governors general to ban any demonstrations.  Provide appropriate orders to National Police Force, as well 4/12/1328 [23 February 1950].