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Number -----

Date: 4 Mordad 1334 [27 July 1955]


Ministry of Finance

7682 - 24 Tir 1334 [16 July 1955]



The Honorable Minister of the Interior

As you are aware, the government has decided to ban any propaganda or action taken contrary to the true religion of Islam and/or the Constitution. Baha’i-related propaganda and civil servants who belong to the perverse Baha’i sect are affected by this decision.

You are required therefore, firstly, to order the suspension of Baha’i propaganda centres in all localities.

Secondly, you are required to dismiss from all categories of government service, civil servants who are notorious for debauchery, or who express adherence to religions other than ones recognized in the Constitution, including any civil servant who insists on adherence to the Baha’i religion. These directives are  pursuant to Articles 2 through 8 of the State Employment Act, ratified on 22 Azar 1301 [14 December 1922], and Articles 1 through 5 of the Judges Assignment Act, ratified 125 [illegible] 1306 [1928]  Therefore the employment records of your Ministry and its affiliated offices must be reviewed to that end. Of course, the utmost care, neutrality, and impartiality must be observed in the enforcement of this order, and any action that might disrupt the peace and general order must be avoided.

Prime Minister

Copies are sent to the Ministry of Finance for information and implementation of the part that belongs to the Ministry

Prime Minister

1519/M - 4 Mordad 1334 [27 July 1955]

Full copy to the Office of Co-operative Supermarkets for State Employees, for information and action.

Acting Minister of Finance