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Ministry of the Interior,

Disciplinary Department [Police Force]

Date: 8/12/1328 [27 February 1950]

Number; 17150/N/11909/M;




Your Excellency, Mr. Prime Minister,

In reference to letter number 1929/4- 29/11/28 [18 February 1950], concerning the murder of Dr. Berjis, by way of letter number 17164/11995/m- 2/12/ 1328 [21 February 1950], [a report] has been presented; according to the National Gendarmerie [Police] Force report, an adequate number of gendarmerie [personnel] and security units have been dispatched to the local police station to strengthen the local police force.  Peace has already been established in Kashan and suspects are under pursuit [interrogation] by the Office of the [Public] Prosecutor. We presently convey that since we receive telegrams every day from clergymen and citizens of different cities demanding the release of the suspects and expressing hatred towards the Baha’i sect, we request that concerning the [matters referred to in] letter number 11995/17164/, your valued views and guidance be communicated [to our office].


For Minister of Interior

[Signed: Fereidouni]


[Margin 1] Number 4/2152- 9/12/28 [28 February 1950]

[Margin 2: previous 9/12/ (1328) (28 February 1950).]

[Margin 3:] Murderers must be punished. Clergy’s and other groups’ telegrams have no legal effect 12/12/[1328] [3 March 1950].