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In the Name of God

Today, Islam is as a bond between my hands and yours - Imam Khomeini


Islamic Republic of Iran

Date: 11/12/1360 [2 March 1982]

Number: 6518/213

Enclosure -----

Sepah Bank


To: Shiraz Branch

From: Office of NMJA[i] Affairs

Subject: Pension Payment to the Retired Colonel Sirous Baryabi

With reference to circular no. 18/477/114/13, dated 17/9/1360 [8 December 1981], per letter number 401/66/500/329, dated 9/10/1360 [30 December 1981], of the Islamic Revolutionary Military Prosecutor, and letter number [illegible], dated 14/10/1360 [4 January 1982], of the Military Retirement and Insurance Office, since said person has attended the Military Revolutionary Prosecutor’s office and has completed the questionnaire, and his name has been entered on line 324 of the list sent by the Military Prosecutor’s Office, you are instructed to make the necessary arrangements to pay his pension, in accordance with circular 18/162/299/130, dated 7/7/1360 [29 September 1981].

Islamic Republic Armed Forces Affairs Office


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[i] [Acronym: Islamic Republic Armed Forces]