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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of Roads [and Transportation]

National Iranian Railways


Area [unit]

Number 29682

Date 6/12/1341 [25 February 1963]



Employee number: [redacted]

Mr. Ehsanollah Faridian - Assistant Driver - Area: Tehran

Per Addendum 2, Article 2 of the Supplementary Law - namely the Nationwide Act of Payment of Two-Twelfths of Expenses for [the months of] Azar and Day of 1323 [November and December 1944] - and subject to the provisions of the Railway Employment By-laws, and taking into account your two years of service under the flag, effective 1/1/1341 [21 March 1962], a 600-rial raise to your monthly salary will be established for you and a to-date sum of 4,800 rial will be paid to you as outlined under Column 5, Grade 1, of Table 5.

The payment of the differential amount is being made available from the date of the raise.  In addition, the railways have no commitment to previous arrears, and for the first month the difference will be allocated to the retirement fund.

National Iranian Railways