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Prime Minister


General number: 4088

Private number: ------

File Number: 14



Type of draft: -----

Draft subject: -----

Enclosure: -----

Clean copy: -----


Date of Writing: 10 Tir 1319, [1 July 1940],

Date of Clean Copy: 11 Tir 1319, [2July 1940]

Date of Registration: 12 Tir 1319, [3 of July 1940]


Confidential – Eyes Only


Commander of National Police Force


The report from Sangsar informs that Haji Agha Sabeti, the representative of the textile companies and his son, Hossein Sabeti, the representative of the sugar company, have undertaken not to close their business other than on [official] holidays and if they commit this crime they should be transferred to another location.

On 22 Khordad 1319, [12 June 1940], they closed their shops on the pretext that it was the occasion of the declaration of Seyyed Ali Mohammad Bab.


Considering that several other Baha’i craftsmen, because of such offences were sent away from Sangsar and that these Baha’is [Sabeti and his son] have not been subjected to a similar punishment, this discrimination has caused complaints from previous offenders. It is necessary to order a review of the matter and to inform the Prime Minster of the instructions issued to prevent violations of such protests and fraud.


Prime Minister


10 Khordad 1319 [31 May 1940]