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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Publication:] Akhbar-e Amri [Baha’i News]

[Date:] Khordad – Tir 1331 [May – July 1952]

[Issue No.:] 2 and 3

[Page:] 8 – 9


Extracted from a letter dated 26 Mordad 1330 [18 August 1951]

It is now over a year since these oppressed ones were arrested and sent from Yazd to Kerman and then from Kerman to the capital for trial. For nearly five months now, these poor ones have been waiting for the trial day and counting minutes and hours in Tehran Prison. No matter how much they ask and beg the competent authorities to release them with guarantors until the trial date, not the slightest attention is paid to their petition and no one assists or listens to the cries of these helpless ones. No positive action has even been taken in the case of one of the defendants, who, according to the explicit report of the prison infirmary, is suffering from a fatal disease and the means for his medical care are not available in prison. That same infirmary has deemed it necessary to [have him treated] outside the prison. An issue which is related to the life of an Iranian has been the subject of administrative correspondence, questions and answers for some time.

In your expert opinion, can it not be inferred from all [this information] that the agents and elements who were the main instigators and the perpetrators of the Abarghou crime, who have blamed an innocent group through their influence and intrigues, still continue their unjust activities, create fear within some circles and authorities and prevent an investigation of the rightful and legal requests of the defendants?

Otherwise, how can it be accepted that, while those accused of serious crimes, such as murder and looting, are usually released after a preliminary investigation and obtaining a guarantor until the day of the trial, a respectable population of doctors, property owners and businessmen accused of being accomplices in a murder, after one year in prison, are denied release with a reputable guarantor?