[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Khosrow Izadyar, leader of the Baha’is in Yazd

Description: Dark complexion – thinning hair – robust build – average height – 60 years old

Reported by: Hoseini

Telephone: 827594

Information indicates that Khosrow Izadyar is connected with the 25 individuals who have been arrested in Yazd, and that they were connected to the coup as well. This person has fled Yazd for Tehran and is heading to India in two days’ time.

His current address is:


Residence of Jamasb Farahvashi

It is hereby conveyed that this person is most likely going to that country to propagate and spread the perverse sect.

[Illegible] Haj Mohammad



[Handwritten note at the bottom of the first page]

Dear Brother Officer

If necessary, [illegible] a search warrant from Unit 310 to search Mr. Khosrow Izadyar’s house.

[Stamp – Intelligence and Investigations Central Committee]

22 Farvardin 1359 [11 April 1980]