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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date:  16/01/1360 [5 April 1981]




In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Accused:  Sayyid Agha Bozorg Alavian, birth certificate number [redacted], issued in [redacted], father’s name Ali Mohammad

Occupation:  Director of Operations of Rankin Co., former member of the Board of Directors of Omana Foundation


  1. The accused is an active member of the Zionist organization of the perverse Baha’i sect
  1. Member of the Baha’i Command Headquarter[1] in Tehran
  2. Close association of the accused with the American member of the House of Justice in Haifa
  3. Full submission of the House of Justice in Haifa, and the accused’s admissions to sending reports of the events during the course of incarceration to the Baha’i Command Headquarter in Iran.
  4. Formation of anti-Islamic gatherings in violation of the constitution, for the sole purpose of strengthening the perverse sect at the accused’s own residence.
  1. The accused’s financial assistance and sending monies to the usurper Israel for the completion of the buildings at the Baha’i headquarters in Haifa and strengthening of the heretic centres, and expansion of anti-Islamic culture, such as the building of the House of Worship in Thailand, and participation in the conference in Sapporo. 
  2. Former member of the Board of Directors of the confiscated Omana Foundation, which operated directly under the perverse Baha’i sect.
  3. Director of Operations of Rankin Co.

Reasons for the charges:


  1. In 1359 [1980], the accused became a member of the Baha’i headquarters in Tehran.  This centre is referred to by Baha’is as “the Baha’i Assembly of Tehran.”  To describe the significance of the activities of the Tehran Assembly, a complete organizational structure, including an organizational chart, is found on pp. 131-141 of the file records.  Also included is a sample of the activities report, i.e., an annual report of the Tehran Assembly, pp. 101-131, which was sent to Israel to the House of Justice in Haifa.  These documents clearly indicate that in the efforts to create such a detailed and complex structure, important individuals are required to operate the organization.
  2. The Baha’i headquarters in Israel (House of Justice) highly trusts Mr. Bozorg Alavian. One of the American members of that body is a close friend of Mr. Alavian, and they are regularly in close contact.  This man, named [Borrah Kavelin], currently resides in Israel, and is married to an Iranian Baha’i by the name of Flor Taheri (pp. 72, 75, 76, and 77).  Mr. Kavelin extended an invitation to Mr. Alavian to [go to] Israel, which he accepted (p. 77); also, when this American member travelled to Iran, he stayed at the home of Mr. Alavian (p. 77).  There have been many discussions between Mr. Alavian and [Borrah Kavelin], which, by the admission of the accused, were about the global advancement of the Zionist sect.
  3. On page 93 of the interrogation papers, the accused admitted that obeying the instructions of the House of Justice in Haifa, which is the headquarters of the Baha'is, is essential and mandatory to him.  Also, considering that the headquarters of Baha’ism in Iran is obedient to and driven under the direction of their main international headquarters in Israel, and that he reports all his activities and efforts to that centre, Mr. Alavian admitted in his interrogation papers that after release from prison,  he will report the details of his time in custody to the National Assembly of Iran ([p.] 82)
  4. Contrary to the provisions of the constitution banning the formation of such meetings and unofficial assemblies, Mr. Alavian, as well as other individuals from the Baha'i headquarters in Tehran, made efforts in holding many such assemblies, some of which at the private residence of the accused himself (p. 83).
  1. Due to his solid financial ability, the accused has provided the sect with good financial support, including [financial] assistance, admitted by him, towards a substantially large building in Haifa, Israel, as the headquarters of the Baha'is of the world (the Secretariat) to the sum of 500,000 rials (pp. 73, 83, 96). Furthermore, the accused participated in the Baha'i conference in Sapporo, as part of the goals of the Zionist 9-year plan of the House of Justice in Haifa, which was mostly directed towards strengthening an anti-Islamic culture (p. 95).  The accused also pledged a $4,000 contribution towards the goals of the plans of the House of Justice at the Sapporo conference (pp.89-91), and contributed equivalent of 31,000 tomans to the building of heretic centres, such as the House of Worship in Thailand (p. 88).
  2. The accused was a member of the Board of Directors of the ceased Omana Foundation.  The Foundation was confiscated based on solid evidence for its Zionist and anti-Islamic activities, and for establishing intelligence centres.  The Omana Foundation, according to its file before the Revolutionary Court, acquired nearly two thousand centres for intelligence activities for the National Assembly of Iran, and thus for hegemonic [State of] Israel, across Iran (pp. 86, 87, 100).
  3. The accused is one of the owners of the established Rankin Co., a substantial company that is currently carrying out many research projects for the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran (p. 53).  In conclusion, considering the file information, it is hereby reiterated, that Mr. Alavian is one of the major elements of the Zionist Baha'i sect in Iran in terms of financial power.  Given that wealth available to such individuals, whose anti-Islamic and Zionist nature are clear, will be exploited against the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the honourable court is hereby requested to order the seizure of his assets and enforcement of Sharia order against the accused.


Assistant to the Prosecutor at the Public Prosecutor's Office


[1] [Unknown entity, it may mean “National Spiritual Assembly of Baha’is of Iran”]