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Ministry of War

Confidential Division,


Date: 30 Mehr 1331 [22 October 1952]

Number: 8496


Confidential. Eyes only


Ministry of the Interior


According to a report from the Army Legion in Kerman, which relied on a report from a deputy of the National Police Force in that city, once again, some troublemakers have begun inciting [hatred] against the Baha’is in Rafsanjan and plan to take advantage of the events of Arba'een[1] to generate unrest.


In previous incidents, the preaching of Haj Ansari, who claims to represent Ayatollah Boroujerdi, has been influential [in causing the unrest] and he continues to incite [unrest] among the people.


Although the police and the law enforcement forces are diligently monitoring the situation, it would [be effective and] appropriate if Ayatollah Boroujerdi or another high ranking religious leader were to call him back.


Please order appropriate actions to be taken in this regard. Instructions have also been given to the Army Legion to exercise vigilance and make necessary arrangements to avoid any further incident.


Head of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces,

Major General Baharmast


[Handwritten Note 1:] Urgent, Law Enforcement Office, needs to be discussed in a meeting

[Handwritten Note 2:] Number: NM/2443 – 8 Aban 1331[30 October 1952]

[Handwritten Note 3:] Please enclose with the file the coded telegram which was attached to the letter from the prime minister and incoming [letter] number NM2416 and which was sent to the Office of the Governor General of the Eighth Province. 8 Aban 1331[30 October 1952]

[Stamp: Registered in Confidential book at Ministry of the Interior, number 10308 dated: 5 Aban 1331 (27 October 1952)]


[1] [Fortieth day of remembrance of the Martyrdom of Imam Hossain, third Imam of Shia Islam]