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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of Interior


(Tel: 2133)


From: Islamic Republic of Iran Gendarmerie, Third Organ, Security Division

To: Dr. Hosein Naji and Manouhehr Ghaem-Maghami

Subject: Telegram dated 31 Shahrivar 1358 [22 September 1979]


Number: -08-401-776-1

Date: 5 Mehr 1358 [27 September 1979]


Considering that the incidents reported in the above referenced telegram took place in the dominion of the police, the Gendarmerie of the Islamic Republic of Iran has no jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute.

Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Gendarmerie – Brigadier general Daneshvar

On behalf of Brigadier General Mah Manesh




Lieutenant general – Chief of Police of the Islamic Republic of Iran, for information—with a copy of the telegram


Address: Tehran [redacted]