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In the Name of God

This book is being presented to you, dear student Rannan Yazdanpanah with the hope that at the first opportunity, with the help of God, you will investigate the religion of Islam and accept the true religion of His Highness Imam Ali (peace be upon Him)—the same Islam that was possessed by Imam Khomeini, may God sanctify his grave. From the point of view of Imam Khomeini of the Shia of Imam Ali, Baha’ism is not a religion, and you have connected yourself to a very thin string that was concocted by Britain, not to the strong divine religion and the divine cord. 

Then take hold of the divine cord and do not deviate from the true religion.  If you ever think about us, we ask you to think about your religion; be a true Muslim and accept the twelve Imams, and also await the coming of the Imam of the Time (May God hasten His reappearance).

May you be saved in this world and the next.


On behalf of the Maktab-e Zahra Elementary School

[Stamp of the elementary school]