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Islamic Republic of Iran

[Stamp:] Confidential


Date: 18/11/1360 [7 February 1982]

Number M /3547

Enclosure -----


Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance

Office of Economic Affairs and Finance - Gorgan County


In the Name of God





Office of the Governor of Gorgan



As follow-up to letter number M/2890, dated 5/10/1360 [26 December 1981], and in order to unify decisions based on Sharia principles and the Human Resources Restructuring Act throughout the country, the recent circular is enforceable with respect to employed members of the perverse Baha’i sect, but it should not be enforced against pensioners and retirees.


Morteza Haji - Head of the Office of the Provincial Governor General

M/1043 - [date:] 28/11/1360 [17 February 1982] 2 IRANBAHAIPERSECUTION.BIC.ORG

A copy of letter number M/ 937, dated 20/10/1360 [10 January 1982], is forwarded to the Gorgan Office of Economic Affairs and Finance for information and compliance.

Governor of Gorgan County - Abedini

Copy is forwarded to Mrs. Mir-Ghasemi, in charge of pensioners, to [direct staff] to comply with and enforce the above order.

Ismail Sotoudeh


Comptroller, Chairman and the Director General and Head of the Gorgan Department of Finance and Economic Affairs

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M/ 6 - [date:] 2/12/1360 [21 February 1982]