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[Adapted from website:] Institute for Iranian Contemporary Historical Studies

[Date:] 28 Khordad 1399 [17 June 2020]


“The United States and the Struggle for the Baha’i to Infiltrate the Infrastructure of the Government in Iran”

Baha’ism Communicates With its Followers in Iran Through Foreign Media!

The activity of the Baha’i sect in Iran is still one of the main topics of research on colonial approaches in our country. Regarding the background of this issue, we had a conversation with Ghasem Tabrizi, a researcher in contemporary Iranian history, which went as follows.

Q. What was the reason for the Americans’ attempt to bring the Baha’is into the Iranian government system?

A. In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate. Iran is a deeply Islamic country; therefore, there is an Islamic school and also a clergy and authorities who defend Islam and the Islamic society, and most important of all, it has Muslims who believe in this approach. This Islamic current is against the United States, which is considered as our enemy, and in jurisprudence we refer to them as alien. Islam, both ideologically and politically, is in fundamental conflict with the West, and the two are inherently at war with each other. There is no compromise between Islam and the West, because after the Renaissance, a secular and anti-religious thought ruled the West, and schools such as liberalism, capitalism, socialism, humanism, nationalism, and other schools, all of which are anti-religious in nature, emerged in the West. On the other hand, in the view of the West, Islam is politically in conflict with the presence and domination of the West over the region; therefore, Islam must be weakened and destroyed.

Q. Throughout history, how has this belief been practiced?

A. One system is the military offensive, a crime that Britain committed several times, and the other is the establishment of kings and statesmen by the West with coups such as the coup d’état of 3 Esfand 1299 [22 February 1921] by Britain and the coup of 28 Mordad 1332 [19 August 1953] by the United States and Britain. Of course, this method also has a time period and it faces problems due to the beliefs of the society. Therefore, another [method] is the use of ideology and thought of defiance and creation of divisions and disagreements, in order to rule the region. One of the tools of this method is the establishment of sects such as Qadianism, Wahhabism, Baha’ism, Babism, Sheikhism and Dervishes. For example, Dervishes have nothing to do with politics and arguments, and not even science and reason, and whatever their Qutb [spiritual leader] says becomes an undisputable fact for them! It is interesting to know that in my research in this field, I came across eighty-some Dervish sects; all of them claimed to have their own Qutbs.

Another tool of colonialism is influence among the followers of official religions. Prior to constitutionalism, Christianity, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism were among the official religions and Ahl-i-Dhimmih [(Dhimmitudes)––people of the book; recognized religious minorities, who have status under the Islamic rule], and were free and independent in Iran. With the beginning of the colonial movement, the Iranian Jewish community became associated with Zionism, so according to SAVAK documents, for the disputes that arose in the synagogues of Shiraz and Isfahan, individuals came from Israel and reconciled them! The Christian community of Iran was also independent before the colonial currents, but with the arrival of the British, French and Americans in Iran, the Christian organization became dependent on colonialism! Some were united with the British and some with the Americans! The evangelical groups that were sent to our country were the vanguard of colonialism in Iran and the Islamic world. Mustafa Khaledi, the author of the book “The Role of the Church in Islamic Countries”, which is about the current of the colonialists and their influence in Islamic countries, wrote, “Muslims do not become Christians; why do you preach so much? They are united and the Trinity does not fit them.” The head of the evangelical group responded, “They will become irreligious!”

Q. With the British and American embassies’ documents and reports, are there any signs of Baha’i cooperation with them?

A. The important thing to keep in mind about colonial governments is that they never release their intelligence documents. It is deceptive of them to say that they publish their documents every 25 years! This is because these governments are colonial in nature and conspire for their presence in other countries. If the United Kingdom were now to publish its Intelligence Service documents or informative documents about their crimes committed, betrayals, looting and collusion in Iran, those documents themselves would condemn the United Kingdom; therefore, they do not publish them. If one has a bit of knowledge about documents and understands the difference between security intelligence documents and consular or diplomatic documents, he/she will realize that this is a game! The only intelligence documents we have from the West belong to the United States; for example, the documents of the spy nest belong entirely to the CIA. There are some diplomatic documents among them; otherwise, they are mostly intelligence documents.

Q. Today, in what areas are Baha’is active and how are they led?

A. From outside and through publications and radio. At one point, the Americans implemented a plan for them to study in absentia and give them master’s and doctoral degrees. Of course, after a while, this plan was discontinued and they were stopped. They publish books, some of which are on websites and others are distributed by individuals. Twice, they intended espionage and transfer the documents of the Army, in which they were also stopped! In fact, the government halts them where their behaviour becomes political in nature, but in normal circumstances [the government] does not deal with them.

There are different types of war. The Baha’is are currently waging a cultural war, and the House of Justice is active, too.