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Islamic Republic of Iran

The Regional Office of Health and Welfare

Mazandaran Province

Branch 2 Health and Welfare

Nowshahr – Chalous


Number:  -----

Date:  ------

Enclosure:  -----


15 Farvardin 1360 [4 April 1981]





From: The Governorate of Nowshahr

To:  Dr. Rahim Malak, Director General of the Office of Health of Nowshahr


According to the information received, four staff members of the Chalous Training Institute of Paramedics, by the names of:  1- Rouhan Sobhani, 2- Olobiyeh [Olohiyeh] Kiani, 3- Kimia Pourzand, 4- Zohreh Neyshabouri, are believers of the perverse Baha’i sect.  It is requested that a thorough investigation of the matter be carried out, the appropriate actions be taken and that we be notified of the results. / P


Seyyed Mahmoud Afsah Hosseini

The Governor of Nowshahr


Copy will be submitted to Mrs. Olohiyeh Kiani for information.  It is necessary that you inform [illegible] of your opinion.


[Signature on the official stamp]


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]



16 Farvardin 1360 [5 April 1981]