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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency (ICANA)

[Date:] 23 Shahrivar 1389 [14 September 2010]


Rahbar announced,

The Legal and Judicial Commission is Examining the Promotion of Deviant Sects

Cultural service

A member of the Legal and Judicial Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, while warning against the spread of satanic sects and false mysticism, announced the decision of his respective commission to investigate this issue.

Mohammad Taghi Rahbar, in an interview with the correspondent of Khaneh Mellat [Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency], stated, “Because the spread of such issues destroys ideas and endangers social and cultural security, punishment should be considered for the spreaders of these deviant sects.”

The representative of the people of Isfahan [Rahbar,] considered the promotion of satanic sects as part of the policies of the Zionists, and said, “They are trying to destroy the beliefs of the youth, to create mistrust and to insult the sanctities.”

The Head of the Representatives of the Clerical Council [Rahbar,] added, “The secret news and information that is sent to us, or the reports that reach the Ministry of Intelligence, show that the promoters of these ideas have even gone to the villages and are trying to promote Baha’ism, Wahhabism or Satanism.”

Rahbar continued, “Promoting deviant sects is one of the plans of foreign cultural invasion; not only Islam, but also Christianity and other monotheists, are affected by these movements.”