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[Adapted from website:] HRANA - Human Rights Activists News Agency

[Date:] 16 Bahman 1392 [5 February 2014]


HRANA - Human Rights Activists News Agency | Failure of Authorities to Investigate the Murder of a Baha’i Citizen

HRANA News Agency – More than 10 months after the murder of Saiedollah Aghdasi in Miandoab, law enforcement officials have not taken any action to identify the killer or killers.

According to HRANA News reporters, the news organ of Human Rights Activists in Iran, on 3 Ordibehesht [23 April] of this year, the body of 83-year-old Saiedollah Aghdasi was found in his house having received 7 fatal blows with a sharp object and with his hands and legs tied with a rope.

The forensic pathologist had determined the date of the murder to be three days earlier, that is, 1 April, which coincided with one of the Baha’i holidays. It was clear from the evidence that someone had broken the lock on the door and forced his way into the house.

A relative of this Baha’i citizen told HRANA, “The whole house was covered in blood and it was clear that the killer had entered the house by force.” The body of Saiedollah Aghdasi, who lived alone, was cut with a poniard [a small slim dagger]. The body of Saiedollah Aghdasi, despite having a forensic doctor in Miandoab, was sent to a forensic doctor in Urmia who also confirmed the case as a murder.

He said, “We could not get a lawyer because the local lawyers did not accept Baha’i cases.”

The source further noted that for some time, a Shia cleric had become Saiedollah Aghdasi’s neighbour who had a troubled relationship with Saiedollah. Nothing was stolen from Saiedollah’s house.

It is worth mentioning that despite the fact that more than 10 months have passed since the murder, the police have not taken any effective action to arrest the killers, and the relatives of the victim believe that that the police have failed to do so due to the case involving a Baha’i.