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[Adapted from website:] HRANA - Human Rights Activists News Agency

[Date:] 6 Bahman 1398 [26 January 2020]


After Three Years; The Continuation of the Seal on the Places of Business of Seven Baha’i Citizens in Nowshahr

HRANA News Agency – The places of business of seven Baha’i citizens in Nowshahr continue to be sealed after more than three years. Earlier, in 1395 [2016], the Public Places Supervision Office of this city, by order of the attorney general of Mazandaran, sealed six commercial units belonging to Baha’i citizens in this city. The lawsuits filed by these Baha’i citizens to reopen their businesses have so far been unsuccessful. They have been deprived of economic activity simply because of the short-term closure of their places of business on a Baha’i religious occasion.

According to the HRANA News Agency, the news organ of the human rights activists in Iran, after more than three years, the places of business belonging to seven Baha’i citizens in Nowshahr continue to be sealed.

The names of seven Baha’i citizens who own the six commercial units are as follows:

1. Arastou Asadi (Argon Welding Shop) 2. Shamsollah Rowhani and Behshad Derakhshanian (security alarm sales unit, Omid Security) 3. Arash Derakhshanian (mechanical shop, Arash Engine Tuning) 4. Rocky Yousefi (eyeglasses shop, Khane Eynak) 5. Monib (Naser) Mansour (Nowshahr Central Eyeglasses Shop) 6. Riaz Heravi (watch shop, Sa’at-e Bashir).

Earlier, on 11 and 12 Aban 1395 [1 and 2 November 2016], the police of Nowshahr had sealed the places of business of these citizens by the order of the attorney general of Mazandaran.