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[Adapted from website:] HRANA - Human Rights Activists News Agency

[Date:] 13 Bahman 1398 [2 February 2020] 


The Continuation of Closing the Business Premises of 19 Baha’i Citizens in Sari, After 3 Years

HRANA News Agency – The business premises of 19 Baha’i citizens in Sari are still sealed, after more than three years and three months. Earlier, in the year 1395 [2016], the Sari Public Places Supervision Office, by order of the public prosecutor of Mazandaran, had sealed 24 business premises belonging to Baha’i citizens in this city. In recent years, some of them have been forced to sell their businesses.

Another citizen was recently summoned to the Public Places Supervision Office. Despite the fact that in Khordad 1396 [May/June 2017], the Court of Administrative Justice had ruled in favour of Baha’i citizens, there is still no news about the unsealing of the business premises and permitting the economic activity of 19 Baha’i citizens living in this city. These citizens have been deprived of economic activity simply because of the short-term closure of their places of business on a Baha’i religious occasion. According to HRANA, the news agency of the human rights activists in Iran, the business premises of 19 Baha’i citizens in Sari continue to be sealed after more than three years and three months.

The names of these 19 Baha’i citizens are as follows:

  1. Zatollah Darabi (Carpentry guild unit)
  2. Adel Samimi (Anti-Theft system guild unit)
  3. Kamaloddin Akbari (Turnery guild unit)
  4. Amanollah Zahedi (Carpentry guild unit)
  5. Kourosh Ahmadi (Auto Body Shop guild unit)
  6. Kourosh Moradi (Carpentry guild unit)
  7. Asghar Movaffaghi (Carpentry guild unit)
  8. Hosein Ahmadi (Carpentry guild unit)
  9. Mehryar Ghanbari (Sale and installation of security systems guild unit)
  10. Ziaollah Khoshbin (Paint Sales guild unit)
  11. Ashkan Khalili (Motor rewinding guild unit)
  12. Behzad Zabihi (Eyeglasses sales guild unit)
  13. Jahanbakhsh Movaffaghi (Turnery guild unit)
  14. Mohammad Movaffaghi (Carpentry guild unit)
  15. Ghavamoddin Sabetian (Carpentry guild unit)
  16. Zargham Zamani (Clothing Sales guild unit)
  17. Nima Mahinbakht (Installation and sale of protection systems guild unit)
  18. Pejman Roshankouhi (Tool sales guild unit)
  19. Shahram Nowbakht (Tool sales guild unit)

Earlier, on 11 and 12 Aban 1395 [1 and 2 November 2016], the police of the City of Sari had sealed the business premises of these citizens by the order of the public prosecutor of Mazandaran.

In Khordad 1396 [June/July 2017] the Court of Administrative Justice, following the complaint of 42 Baha’i citizens whose business premises had been sealed, ruled in favour of 42 Baha’i citizens of Mazandaran, based on Article 28 of the Law of the Trade Union that stipulates their legal right to “close a business for up to 15 days a year”, [a ruling] which [in this case] has been violated.

According to a source close to the family of one of these citizens, the places of business of some of these people have been opened, but they are still under pressure and sometimes threatened. They have been told that if they close again on Baha’i religious [occasions], their places of business will be sealed again. According to this informed source, a number of these citizens have been forced to sell their businesses, and another of them, who did not want to be identified, was recently summoned to the [Public Places Supervision Office]. However, despite the ruling of the Administrative Court of Justice, no action has been taken, so far, by the relevant institutions to unseal the business units of 19 of these citizens.

HRANA had reported on 4 and 6 Bahman 1398 [24 and 26 January 2020] that 35 business premises of Baha’i citizens in the cities of Hamadan and Nowshahr had been sealed.