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Ministry of Culture

Department ----

Date: 13/4/1335 [4 July 1956]

Number: 29423/3


University of Tehran


With reference to letter number 10701/ 2 – 31/3/1335 [21 June 1956], about the termination of the “undertaking to become a teacher” by Mr. Houshidar Motlagh, we advise that in our view, religion or [other] grounds which prohibit the employment of [students who have been enrolled] must be fully investigated at the point of their acceptance into the Higher Faculty [of Teacher Training], in order to prevent future problems.  With regard to the aforementioned, as they have now noted this issue, and he [Mr. Motlagh] is willing to become a teacher but given that his employment would not be in accordance the with employment law, and in fact that he has not breached his undertaking, reimbursement of the educational allowances should not be demanded from him.


Director, Personnel Head Office



[Official stamp with number and date]

Secretariat Office of the University

Number 13244 / 4

Date 17/4/1335 [8 July 1956]


[Stamp:] registered at the investigatory office

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