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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Oil

In the Name of God

“And when you become governors between the people, you shall judge fairly”


The First Provisional Board

Restructuring of Human Resources

Ministry of Oil


Date: 16 Tir 1361 [7 July 1982]

Number: 1031

Enclosure: -----

Page Announcing the Judgment


Personal Information of the Accused:

Name: Houshang

Family name: Mansourian

Name of the father: Esamail

Identification Number: [redacted], issued from: Kermanshah

Place of birth: [redacted]

Date of birth: [redacted]

Employee No.: 12118

Attached unit: Oil Storage: [City of] Rey


List of Accusations [Offences]:

1-Membership in the perverted Baha’i sect




The Issued Judgement

Based on the information received about the membership of Mr. Houshang Mansourian in the perverse Baha’i sect, he was called by the Provisional Board and made a written confession that he is a member of the said sect.

Therefore, the Board, based on paragraph 8 of Article 29 of the Law of Restructuring of Human Resources, passed by the Islamic Parliament on 5 Mehr 1360 [27 September 1981], and the contents of cable no. HAN 100275, dated 26 Ordibehesht 1361 [16 May 1982] from the Supreme Supervisory Board of the Restructuring of Human Resources, unanimously condemned  Mr. Houshang Mansourian to dismissal from government services and any government affiliated organizations (subject of Item 11, Article 20 of the above law ).

This sentence is enforceable from 20 Tir 1361 [11 July 1982]


Office of Administrative Affairs Management

Date 17 Tir 1361 [8 July 1982]

No. 1852

[Stamp:] [Illegible] [Signature] 17 Tir 1361 [8 July 1982]


To be announced for the registration in the case file and settlement of the accounts by the relevant administration.


First copy to: Administrative Affairs – National Iranian Oil Company

Second copy: to Mr. Houshang Mansourian

Third copy: Archives

Fourth copy: Office of the Minister of Oil with attached files

Fifth copy: the Supreme Supervisory Board with attached files