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Islamic Republic of Iran

Department of State for Administration and Employment Affairs



Date 10/6/1375 [31 August 1996]

Number 203/1088




In the Name of God



Office of the Honourable Director of the Islamic Consultative Assembly

Public Letters Follow-up Unit


In response to letter number D/75/5443, dated 13/4/1375 [3 July 1996], attached to letter dated 25/3/1375 [14 June 1996] from Mr. Houshang Golestani, a former employee of the University of Medical Sciences and Health Services of Kermanshah, the following is conveyed:


The aforementioned has, previously, communicated with the Supervisory and Inspection Office of this Department, in a letter dated 9/5/1374 [31 July 1995] regarding reinstatement of his pension, and the aforementioned office, having conducted the required investigation, has notified him with an appropriate response.


We advise that the aforementioned is a member of the perverse Baha’i sect and the discontinuation of his pension is based on this fact in light of the decision of the former Commission for the Restructuring of Human Resources.  Moreover, during his several in-person visits, he has repeatedly defended his association with the above-mentioned sect and considers this matter to be a question of belief and claims that this issue should not be the cause of the discontinuation of his pension.


In view of the above matters, no legal measures have been breached in this case and therefore no other action is anticipated in this case.


On behalf of Seyyed Abdo[llah] Hejrati


Assistant director of the Office of Investigation, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

10/6/1375 [31 August 1996]


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